About Project Liberty:

The Newly Merged Project IV (GTA: Project Liberty + IV Renderware)

Team/ Credits:
Rockstar Games- Original Models, Content, & Awesome Games
Hellya2011- Mod Leader/ Convertor/ Scripting
xXaerooff2Xx- Mod Leader/ Model Converting
TheNikoST- Beta Tester & Media Manager
YoshiHDify- Beta Tester
ItsAllAboutGTA- Beta Tester & Creator of iCandy 2.0f enb settings (gotten permission to use it)
Function-X- Creator of Overdose Effects (gotten permission to use it)
Oksa8- Scripting (main.scm & cleos BIG THANKS!!)
KiNG3LP- Beta Tester
Vans123- GTAIV Enb & Timecyc (gotten permission to use it)
Dk22pac- Advanced Light Mod (gotten permission to use it)
Shemerrr- Original Skydome Model (gotten permission to use it)

System Requirements (estimate):
AMD Turion (or equivalent) Dual Core @ 2.0Ghz
3GB DDR2 Ram
Nvidia 6800gt (or equivalent)
(requirements based on my old laptop which could run it decent at 10-20fps)
*If you are closer to the requirements, i suggest running it without enb*

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